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Not much room left!.......The stock boxes go in first (the black boxes with the white stripe down them), followed by the control panel (the white box on top), and then the buildings (we now have a box for these to protect them).

The only buildings that are removeable are the engine shed, the large signal box, the goods shed and the adjacent office, all other buildings are fixed down.

The main layout panels go in next, the tretles are placed down each side of the van and the lighting pelmet supports are placed on top of the layout.

Next come the light pelmets, these are bolted together to form a sort of open box (seen in the photo to the right of the stock boxes).

Tool boxes, cable boxes and other sundry items are places on the floor across the back of the van.

Finally, our overnight bags are put on top of the lighting box, and, hoping that we haven't forgotten any thing, we start our journey.

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©Terry Bowden. 12th September, 1999